How To

Creating Fragrant Memories


We all know that smell and memory go hand in hand. One of our past posts explained the why. Now put it into action, and harness the power of fragrance to trigger reminders of those special moments. Here are some ways to create fragrant memories with our Bright Air ® products:

Hosting a big party or special event? Choose a signature fragrance, like the Bright Air ® Winter Pine & Berries ™ Super Odor Eliminator ™ for the holidays or Island Nectar & Pineapple™ for a summer soiree. The next time you use those fragrances, you’ll remember your enjoyable affair!

Get rid of that stinky diaper smell by placing a Cool & Clean™ Mini Odor Eliminator™ in or next to the diaper pail. The mini is great for baby’s room – it eliminates those diaper odors without being too strong to upset your precious little one.  Down the road when your child is growing too fast, that fresh, clean scent will have you thinking back fondly to when they were just a baby.

Having a girls’ weekend to reconnect with old friends? Bring a Sweet Lavender & Violet ™ scented oil air freshener. When you use it again at home, the calming scent of lavender and the great memories of your girlfriends will bring a smile to your face.

Turn an average night at home into a family vacation without leaving the house. Grab some Hawaiian leis and plug in the Hawaiian Blossoms and Papaya™ scented oil refill to transport yourself to the tropics. The time released fragrance will be a pleasant reminder of all your family fun.

Have fun making memories!