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Ahhh, the bedroom, a space for serenity, relaxation and sleep. Not the place for foul odors. Ensure your room has the calming vibe that helps you de-stress and catch some zzz’s with these fragrant tips.

 After too many nights of tossing and turning, your mattress can start to smell a little stale. A few sprays of our Fabric Refresher is like a breath of fresh air that will have you resting easy again.

 You can also layer our fragrances to create your perfect Zen blend. Plug in one of our Scented oil refills to fill the air with your favorite fragrance. Then add a Scented Oil Air Freshener or Scent Gems to your bedside table for an extra boost of freshness as you drift off into your dreams and start your day with a smile.

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Operation Build and Bright Air!

Bright Air® and Operation Build, a home improvement reality series airing on A&E and FYI, have teamed up to help you refresh your space in a whole new way! Their team of designers travel the country discovering innovations in design concepts and DIY projects. We take pride in developing innovative, nature-inspired air fresheners you can place anywhere in your home and feel good about. Together, we've created some DIY tricks and air freshening tips to keep your home looking and smelling fresh! 

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