Bright Air Room Solutions


Bright Air is your complete freshness solution, in more ways than one! It’s no secret we offer a wide range of products you can use anywhere in your home or office. But you can also combine products for a total room solution!

Today we're tackling the kitchen! Cooking odors, smelly trash, that unwelcome stench that often wafts from the drain or the dishwasher – there’s no shortage of smells in this room of the house. Yet it’s often the heart of the home. Here are some locations to place our Bright Air products to create a pleasant smelling space for the whole family. 

Put our Super Odor Eliminator under the sink. The star of our line, this hero beats up odors and leaves behind fresh fragrance. It packs a punch to fight off the toughest of odors.

Then place our Mini Odor Eliminator right behind your trashcan. The smaller version of our odor fighting powerhouse fits in those harder to reach places.

Finally, set the Scent Gems proudly on your kitchen counter. The sparklers fill your home with a dazzling aroma and look good doing it.

Comment below and let us know your favorite Bright Air product for the kitchen.